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About Us

Meet Kate Madden Jones, cofounder and designer for Madden Christopher. "I started noticing how difficult it was to find jewelry suitable for daily wear due to the lack of quality. Everything I wore seemed to tarnish and change color. This is when my journey began. After researching various products, I decided to use 14K Gold-filled material to make my own jewelry. On average, it contains 100 times more gold than gold plated material and was basically the next best thing to solid gold. After wearing it every day for months, it was as bright and shiny as the day I made it. That's when I realized that everyone should be able to have quality jewelry at an affordable price. After some encouragement, Alex and I founded Madden Christopher. Together, we do everything by hand. From cutting each piece of chain to building our own displays from reclaimed wood. Once I decided to share this new found hobby with the world, I had to figure out a direction for my style. I wanted to create something simple yet elegant, which basically became my motto. I firmly believe that, 'simple is better.'"
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**Not all jewelry is 100% Gold-filled. Please read item descriptions for more details.